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Grow your credit tree

Check Your Free Credit Report Campaign

Your credit score is an important number to be aware of and to know how to manage it. It affects your life in different ways – from getting a loan to getting a job, from how much interest you get on a credit card to renting an apartment. So how do you get your score? And how often should you check it?

Assistance signs

Richland County Resource Directory

The Richland County Resource Directory is a great tool to find resources that are very helpful to the Richland County area. In the directory you will find information to assist you in Child Care Assistance, Employment, Housing Assistance, and Emergency Assistance just to name a few.

Richland County

Plat Books! Plat Books for sale!

Welcome to Richland County! Here you can get an up close and personal look at our county by purchasing a Plat Book! It has ads from local businesses, information on our wonderful county, and maps.


Richland County Area Artisan Guild

Did you know that the Arts in Wisconsin provides $535 million dollars a year to the State of Wisconsin’s economy?  Communities grow and thrive through their investment in the arts both as a cultural and economic activity.  The Arts increases the capacity of communities and regions by retaining and attracting businesses, residents, and visitors.  The […]