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Food Pantry

Boost the Value of Your Food Drive Donations!

Food drives are an important part of helping out the community. The items being donated are always appreciated. But how can we make sure we are giving items that are safe? And high quality? There are some tips and guidelines to follow that will make the most of your donated items.


Freezer & Crockpot Meals to Save Money & Time!

Do you like to prepare meals ahead of time? Want to take the guess work out of figuring out what is for dinner? Save time and money by preparing meals and freezing them for later use! Join us for classes on how to do Freezer and Crockpot meals!

Assistance signs

Richland County Resource Directory

The Richland County Resource Directory is a great tool to find resources that are very helpful to the Richland County area. In the directory you will find information to assist you in Child Care Assistance, Employment, Housing Assistance, and Emergency Assistance just to name a few.