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Grow your credit tree

Check Your Free Credit Report Campaign

Credit Scores are as important as knowing your bank account number. They can affect everything from renting an apartment to getting a loan. So the question is – How do you get your score? And how often should you check it? What happens if it has errors?

Assistance signs

Richland County Resource Directory

The Richland County Resource Directory is a great tool to find resources that are very helpful to the Richland County area. In the directory you will find information to assist you in Child Care Assistance, Employment, Housing Assistance, and Emergency Assistance just to name a few.

tree in meadow

Rural Landowners Update!

Join us for a free program addressing several topics for rural landowners. There are breakout sessions covering a variety of topics. Topics that will be included are: Land Use, Fencing, Soil Testing, Well Abandonment, Tree Cutting, Recreation Use, and many more!

paper money

Saving for Retirement Workshop – April 21, 2016

Retirement. It is something that is on everyone’s mind. Everyone has questions about it too – when do I start saving? How much to save? What can help me save? We can help you answer these questions and get you started on the right path to Saving for Retirement.


4-H Summer Camp is coming up! Register Now!

4-H Summer Camp – start planning today to attend this fun and exciting adventure where you get to go swimming, play water games, explore the water and woods through fun nature activities, songs, stories, skits and s’mores around the glowing fire, meet new friends and just have a great time!! Plan to attend! Registration deadline is May 31.

apartment building

Landlord Training Workshop

As a landlord, you encounter many different situations with your tenants. Where do you go for help? Where are your resources to find out how to comply within the law and yet protect yourself and the tenants? We have some answers for you! Join us!

Health Assessment

Make a Difference in our Community!

Your help is needed to make our community better by filling out random surveys regarding our community health needs. It is painless, simple, and takes only minutes and has a lifetime effect. Let’s work together and make Richland County a better place.


Animals in the Spotlight!

What do people really see? Ever heard it’s all in the eye of the beholder? Ever wonder how the treatment of animals is perceived when in the public eye? This training will raise awareness of how your actions look to the public.