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“Because of UW-Extension” Social Media Campaign

As budget cuts come rolling across our State into every aspect of our lives, we all know programs facing major changes in how they will be able to survive and function. The UW-Extension is no exception. As the State moves forward and decides where the cuts and changes are made, let’s make our voices heard. Join us in the UW-Extension Social Media Campaign – “Because of UW-Extension”.

Grow your credit tree

Check Your Free Credit Report Campaign

Credit Scores are as important as knowing your bank account number. They can affect everything from renting an apartment to getting a loan. So the question is – How do you get your score? And how often should you check it? What happens if it has errors?

Assistance signs

Richland County Resource Directory

The Richland County Resource Directory is a great tool to find resources that are very helpful to the Richland County area. In the directory you will find information to assist you in Child Care Assistance, Employment, Housing Assistance, and Emergency Assistance just to name a few.


Beef Producers Field Day is Here!

Beef Producers Field Day is here! Come and join us for dinner and conversation! We will be tackling subjects such as youth showing, show ring etiquette, pre-conditioning calves, steer yardage, and more!

and then there was one

And then there was one.

Death is a part of life. We all will face it at some point in time. But… what happens to those who are still here? Do they know where you keep the important papers? Do they know how you want to buried or even what clothes you want to be buried in? How the bills or insurance are to be handled? This is a workshop series to help get everything settled BEFORE they are needed.

farmers market

Richland Area Farmers Market!

Richland Area Farmers Market is now accepting Quest Cards! Working with the Pine River Food Co-op, you will receive tokens to use at the Farmers Market to get fresh, quality produce.


Mentorship Program Survey now online for Richland County!

Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge and experience? Know of someone who could use a little help networking? Not sure who, what, where to even start for ideas, projects, and business in the community? Then having a Mentor or being a Mentor would be a benefit for you.

kids blowing bubbles

Cloverbud Camp is coming up!

It’s Cloverbud time! Come for fun, activities, snacks, and laughter! Cloverbud Camp is July 21, 2015! We look forward to seeing you! Just return the registration form and payment to the Richland County Extension Office.