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2018 Cattle Feeders Clinic

Join us for a cattle feeders clinic for discussion on a variety of topics, such as corn starch properties, market outlook, etc. It is only $20 per person! Registration is due February 20th.

Corn field with blue skies and white clouds

2018 Winter Crops Update

A variety of topics will be discussed about winter crops, disease management, grain outlook, and more. Please join us for an update on February 15, 2018!


Small Savings Build Big Dreams!

Sometimes saving money back can be daunting or overwhelming on where to start. With the Small Savings Big Dreams program, the resources are there to help you get started and plan for the future. Let’s get started!

A crockpot filled with beef stew.

Freezer and Crock Pot Meals: The Basics

Time runs away from all of us at some point. Is it meal time and you are struggling to remember what you have in your house to fix? Do you have this to go with that? Is there enough of that to make this? A one night class with our Family Living Agent, Chelsea Wunnicke, on Freezer and Crock Pot Meals: The Basics helps to take the panic out of dinner time.