Meat Animal Sale Committee

Chair: Neal Anderson (Beef)

Vice Chair : Terry Moen (Poultry)

Secretary/ Treasurer: Earl Wallace (Swine)

Board Members: Butch Keller (Beef), Christian Cejpek(Beef), Chad Imhoff (Swine), Melissa Sprecher (Sheep/Goats), Bill Tracey (Sheep/goats), Tim Woodman (Rabbits)

General Requirements:

  • Each Exhibitor must own the animal that he/she is going to sell.
  • Each Exhibitor must participate in the showmanship class of his/her species.
  • Each Exhibitor must be a member of the respective species organization.
  • Each Participant is only allowed to sell one animal or lot.
  • Must participate in species set Educational / Quality Assurance requirements.

Species Requirements

Important Dates