HCE (Home and Community Education) Programs

HCE logo 2015Richland County Home and Community Education

What is HCE?

HCE is a non-profit organization that partners with UW-Extension Family Living Programs, at both the state and county level, to bring quality educational programming to our members and our communities.  Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education, Inc. (WAHCE) is a statewide organization with a written agreement with UW-Extension Family Living Programs, that works with both the county level organizations,and State and National levels.
In our county organizations we work with our Family Living Educators and look to that person for advice.  One of the past deans of UW-Extension, Carl O’Connor, called HCE and UW-Extension “a long and successful partnership.” He said. “This organization represents the spirit of sharing and community involvement that makes Wisconsin a better place to live for all of us.” We work with the Family Living Educators who guide us in that service to our members and our communities.

What is Richland County HCE?

The Richland County Association for Home and Community Education is a non-profit, educational and charitable organization that involves members in identifying and problem solving, individual, family and community issues.  It is an organization that provides educational programs for its members who then share it with family, friends, and neighbors.

2018 Richland County HCE Executive Board

President: Yvonne Chapman                                   Community Outreach: Eileen Eberle

Secretary: Eileen Eberle                                          Cultural/Textile Arts: Bonnie Clift

Treasurer: Cecile Haugh                                         International: Kathy Fanta & Charlotte Page

Membership: Anna Cunningham                             Program Coordinator: Eileen Eberle

                                                 Historian: Eleanor Poole

2018 Club Representatives:

County Line: Anna Cunningham & Bonnie Clift

Five Points Gals: Diane Dalberg & Sheila Bradford

Town and Country: Lynette Schwichtenberg

Yuba: Kathy Fanta & Charlotte Page

HCE Membership

Membership is open to all persons without regard to age, sex, color, ethnic origin, creed, marital status, sexual orientation or economic circumstances.  There is a Club Membership or Individual Membership.  A Club Membership is a group that meets regularly to learn new things, get up-to-date information on the home and community, get involved in the community with various projects and events, and ultimately to have fun and companionship.  An Individual Membership is a person that would like to be involved in HCE but can not attend regular meetings.  They would still benefit from the educational opportunities and materials presented and of interest to him/her.

Membership dues: Annual membership in HCE is $10.00

Clubs in the Richland County Area:

County Line, Five Points Gals, Town and Country, Yuba

County Projects:

Spring Banquet, Spring Blood Bank*, Culver’s Share Night, Fall Fling, Bake Sale

For more information

Contact the Richland County HCE Membership Chairperson:  Anna Cunningham – (608) 583-2458

Contact the Richland County Extension, 1000 Highway 14 West, Richland Center, WI  53581, (608) 647-6148

You can also visit the state WAHCE website at www.wahceinc.org